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ESF is a one stop solution for all your sustainable sanitation and water management needs. We provide consulting for optimising your water consumption and conservation through our primary areas of expertise:

Our ‘Sewage Cure’ system is an ecological wastewater treatment system customized to your needs. The essential component being a ‘Decentralized Wastewater treatment’ plant, we adapt the system in way that the multibarrier approach ensures effective non-potable reuse of every drop of treated water. The treatment system is completely ecological, does not consume electricity and does not require chemicals for its daily operation. It is an easy-to-operate system and does not require an operator for maintenance on a daily basis.

ESF has developed a unique approach towards School sanitation. This approach goes beyond the provision of basic sanitation facilities to the students, since we also ensure the sustainability of facilities. Several trainings and workshops of the personnel involved in the maintenance of the school infrastructure (School Management Committee and Bal Panchayat) are conducted in order to empower them for effective usage and maintenance of the sanitation facilities. Furthermore, the toilets we construct or refurbish are child friendly and easy to operate as well as maintain, thereby extremely safe and hygienic.

Ecosan toilet is essentially a ‘Urine diversion dehydration toilet’, custom-made to suit the client requirements. The unique feature of a UDDT is its minimal usage of water, while ensuring the user maximum resource recovery and reuse. It is the only type of sanitation interface which does not give out odour, or create unhygienic conditions during monsoon. The toilet is apt for areas in India which suffer from large periods of draught.